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I have a lot of the links to different products on my Facebook page, which is easier than navigating the Redbubble page.

Links to each product are listed below (at the end of this page) to make it easier to browse if you cannot get onto Facebook.

This is my Redbubble page where you click on whichever photo catches your eye and see all of the products you can purchase displaying that photo.  The quality of the products that I have bought is very good so far.  I hope you will be able to drop by and support my work by purchasing some lovely items for your home and family as gifts or a treat for yourself.  I personally love the tote bags, tall mugs, clocks and cushion covers.  Redbubble is responsible for the quality, colours, delivery etc.  I just offer my work for distribution there.  Any queries you may have must go directly through Redbubble.

I have travelled around Ireland and only a little of the UK but I intend to be uploading a lot more photos that will give you a choice of a lot more products in the future.  Those of you who have Ireland and UK on your bucket list can use a product as your constant reminder of your dream and help you bring it into your reality.  For those of you who have visited our lovely isle and would like to have a constant reminder while you go shopping, while you sit at home, while you travel, there are many products available to you to bring back those fantastic holiday memories.  Those of you who have heard your gran or parents speak about Ireland and haven't yet managed a visit, a piece of "home" will bring Ireland and your loved ones closer to you as you see your purchase in your presence each day.

This is a joy to me to be bringing my photos to you all.  Enjoy and feel the energy of Ireland (and the UK) each and every day even if you don't live here!!
Some pictures from the Redbubble page of the photos on the products.



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